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The band Novustory are members Imogen (what’s the) Storey, Declan (Bobby) Brown and James (sit down) Duckworth. They play the type of music your deaf elderly next door neighbour would love and it also appeals to newborns too.
The band were all born on 29th February 1996 and although this meant nothing to them on the day of their birth it would lead to a fateful meeting many years later…… on their 4th birthday party (16 years for those who aren’t following – thicko’s) their respective guardians held a joint celebration at “The Manchester Grand Party Venue” in the Arndale Centre. The Association for People Who’ve Been Born On February 29th (AFPWBBOFTN th - for short) hold an event here every 4 years and as many as 28 people turn up at each event! Whilst blowing out the 4 candles on his cake Declan inadvertently blew out the candles on James’s too, a small scuffle broke out but during the ensuing carnage James, Imogen, Declan & Tom Smierfeld found out that they wanted to start a band. Who knew! The band wrote several songs but Tom’s skills with the spoons and wash-board were never really appreciated by the others so he left and went in his own direction (See my other biography WHO THE F#!K ARE YOU – TOM SMIERFELD). The threesome (TEE-HEE) honed their skills over time… Imogen gargled a lot, James hit things and Dec plucked a Tupperware sandwich box with elastic bands stretched around it. They were finally a band and played their first gig in Radcliffe’s Metrolink underpass. The crowd of two, Homeless-Tosh and Tony-Ten Fingers, appreciated their efforts and were even more impressed when they were given Declan’s leftover Chicken Tikka Wrap. More was to come but first they needed a name. They decided to name the band by using a combination of the names of people they admire the most. James’s was Dr. No (007’s nemesis), Declan’s was Vushmgir (the second Ziyarid Emir who ruled from 935 until his death in December 967) and Imogen’s was Tory Nyhaug (the Canadian BMX rider).
The development of the Novustory brand is paramount for the threesome (TEE-HEE again, never gets old) and their merchandise at the gigs has become highly sought after. Future collectables include a bronchitis flem cup with the logo of the band in leatherette on the side and the limited edition cricket box with the image of the band emblazoned inside (this allows the protected parts to actually touch them all). The chemistry of the band and the amalgamation of their styles and skills make them an exciting prospect for the future of British music and I feel that with hard work and perseverance they can be as big as the likes of Big Fun, Eoghan Quigg and even Elton John. Watch this space……there’s more to come!

Rock, Indie Rock


22 Gennaio 2015


Lunedì 14/08

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